Bye Bye Virus Game

Gamify civic and
hygiene education

Use Bye Bye Virus to teach children how to stay safe and follow socially responsible rules in a fun and interactive way!

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Learning objectives

Share the different ways to avoid getting exposed to the virus

Virus exposure cards: Players have to use protective items to
prevent exposure or enter quarantine
Virus Exposure!
Touching your face!
Virus Exposure!
Touching contaminated stuff!(you should clean them often)
Virus Exposure!
Not keeping a safe distance from someone sick!

Teach good hygiene habits and useful
protective items

Protective cards’ Players have to collect protective items throughout the
game to win, promoting good hygiene habris

Encourage and discourage behaviors

Power cards are situational cards that rewards good behaviours and punishes socially irresponsible ones

Panic cards are things that people hoard when they are in stressful situations – These cards makes it harder for you to win

Age 4 - 8

One-on-one game play with explanations and discussion about each card and game play

Play Video
My 4 year old knows all the protect cards, sing the song, make the rules, i am going carzy form bye bye virus!
My kid loves your game, like LOVE, I play till i want to die….
When my kid gets a protect acrd, he sniggles. It’s age appropriate, with the extra stuff like singing a song adding a layer of fun to it

Ages 9 - 12

Facilitated session with parents or school teachers jumping in to guide and explain
The game was enjoyable and easy to play even though the children were young. The game is similar to UNO, hence the children find it engaging and easy to pick up
We played together, the three of us. We like it as it was educational for our children and they learn to be more responsible in acting safely especially during this pandemic
The bye bye virus card game is very education and engaging for the children! While they might take a while to understand their actions and consequences in the game, it provides an opportunity for parents to step in and guide them

Ages 13 - 18

Independent play!
This is a really fun game about Covid-19! It has helped me understand more about the impacts of Covid-19 and it is also a great resource for family interaction
It is fun to play, please add more tools to make it more fun please!
It is very fun and it can teach people about viruses!
It is a fun game about COVID-19 which inspired me to protect myself

Interested to use Bye Bye virus as an
education tool for your school or family?

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