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3 fun things to kill the boredom

Just like you, more than 50% of the world has been put in lockdown in their homes. Whether you live alone or are with family and friends, I’m pretty sure you have reached a point where you are racking your brains for new things to do at home.

Yes, there is really only so much netflix and sourdough baking one can do. To help you stay safe and sane, here are 3 fun things that you can do to kill the boredom!

1. Host or join a online interest group!

Missing quiz nights or social lunches? Why not do everything that you miss online instead? Quiz nights and online groups have been rising in popularity between both friends and complete strangers. Get started by having a wine night with your friends, or join a random online interest group to meet new friends!

Here are some interest group ideas:

  • Ladies cocktail Wednesdays
  • Workout Mondays
  • Baking Sundays
  • Quiz nights with DJ music
  • Online free dance sessions

2. Do a 30 day challenge

Lockdown is a great opportunity for you to commit to a 30 day challenge (since you can’t go out anyway…). Sit down and plan out a fun challenge, take daily photos and get all your friends onto it with you! Studies have shown that group goals bond people together like no other. Set up a whatsapp or telegram group to support each other! 

Some fun challenges:

3. Relive your childhood by playing board games with your family and friends

Remember the hours of fun you had playing Monopoly, UNO and other games with your friends? Games are a great way to kill time, since they are interactive and fun for all ages. Pull out the old games sitting in your dusty cupboard or if you don’t have any, buy a new one.

Here are some of my favorites during this time:

  • UNO
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Ticket to Ride

There are also a new breed of games that are designed to be played both offline and online via video conferencing during lockdown. Check out Bye Bye Virus, a hilarious card game designed to keep players safe and sane!

Have fun everyone!

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